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Mark S. Martinez Esq.

Se Habla Español


Mark is a first generation attorney that is bilingual, speaking Spanish and English fluently. His mother, father and step mother were all teachers/educators and stressed the importance of learning and acquiring knowledge.

Mr. Martinez believes that his best character traits are his work ethic and humility. Both his mother and father grew up in East L.A. and taught Mark that first, there is hard work and through that the opportunity to make an honest living in a profession that you are passionate about.

Through this opportunity his father, mother and step mother taught him through humble example that one can make a positive difference in the world through action and hard work.

Mark earned his undergraduate degree in political science at the University of California at Santa Barbara.He attended Dale Fowler Chapman University School of Law and graduated with an emphasis in the Real Property ENLURE (Environmental Law, Land Use, and Real Estate Transactions) Program.

In his spare time Mr. Martinez enjoys running having ran eight marathons, practicing Yoga, playing Chess and anything to do with Football.