The Law Offices of Mark S. Martinez begins with a philosophy that anything of value is not freely given but earned.  This philosophy holds true in the cases we represent as we look forward to fighting for our clients rights anywhere we are able to secure them, whether it be during trial, mediation, arbitration, or negotiation and settlement.  When it comes to our clients, our staff holds true to the Q.Q. S. formula of representation.  

Quality: A mandatory requisite, that all clients receive representation individually tailored to their legal matter in a way where they leave happily knowing they have been represented at the highest caliber, to the fullest extent allowed under the law at the maximum capacity by their attorney.

Quantity:  The highest quantitative output of effort possible in meeting each client’s legal needs who comes through our door.  That is each member of our staff is required to give all of the legal representation they are capable of giving to each client.  

Spirit of Service:  A client-centered approach to lawyering where each person feels as though they are the most important client to the firm.  

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Mark Martinez, Esq.

Welcome  to the Law Offices of Mark S. Martinez ​Our goal is to provide maximum compensation to each client no matter how minimal or severe their injuries are.  Behind this goal of maximum compensation is a willingness, if necessary, to litigate the matter all the way to trial.  

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About Us

Mark earned his undergraduate degree from the University of California at Santa Barbara.  He graduated from the Chapman University School of Law and was a member of Chapman’s E.N.L.U.R.E. program, graduating with an emphasis in Environmental, Land Use and Real Estate Law.  He was inspired to become an attorney because of numerous injustices he witnessed first hand, including but not limited to wrongful incarceration, fraud of the underprivileged, and bad faith representation by numerous insurance companies of its’ insured.  Armed with a passion to represent the common individual, an innate sense of fairness, and a willingness to fight for what is right, Mark zealously displays his advocacy and negotiation skills both in and outside of the courtroom.  

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